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Wednesday, 1st March 2017

March Business of the Month

How did Stephen Kelsey Hypnotherapy come about?

It all started around 30 years ago when I was studying to become a sergeant in the Metropolitan Police. We had to take a competitive exam where only 50 out of the 1,000 takers would be employed as a sergeant. I studied hard for it and ended up coming 5th out of 1,000 people. This is when I realised I could do much more than I thought I could when I put my mind to it. From here, I believe that it changed the structure of my brain and my mindset for learning.

So at around 24 years old I put my focus into reading hundreds of books on history and over the next 10 years I continued to read and learn. After going through some problems of my own, I became curious as to why we felt the way we did, and I wanted to understand feelings more. This is when I began to read hundreds of books on psychology and started to develop some incredible knowledge on feelings, the brain and much more.

I then took a degree in psychology at the Open University and with hard studying, reading and learning I completed with degree with an honours degree in psychology. My life interest has always been in psychology, so after I retired as a police inspector I fulfilled this and started working as a hypnotherapist and here I am today practising hypnotherapy.

What’s your favourite thing about working as a Hypnotherapist?

Working with real people with real problems and making a difference to their life is what I enjoy most. I genuinely care about other people, so being able to be a part of my clients life and knowing I’ve helped them with their problem, is so rewarding in itself the money or anything else isn’t interesting to me.

What is a typical day like working as a hypnotherapist?

There’s no typical day or client when practising hypnotherapy. Although the condition may be the same, the client’s feelings, beliefs and thoughts vary from each any every client. But to start off my working day I try to study as much as I can by carry on learning and reading books. By continuing to study only reaffirms what I already know and have learnt, but it also ensures that I still give out the right information to my clients.

When I work with my clients, I start off by giving the technical information to help explain the problem professionally, for example I’d example what anxiety is and how it can make you feel. Each person suffering with anxiety can be effected or deal with it in different ways, so I would then begin to find out how they feel about it, their beliefs and then ask some more questions to find out what it means to them and to see if they understand the condition and how it affects you.

A hypnosis session itself lasts around 20 minutes, and I would start by getting the client in a state close to sleep, called REM sleep where they’re relaxed and can listen to engage to ideas. It is at this stage, where we can introduce ideas, feelings and memories which can be used in the future to stop the client feeling a certain way. For example, for someone looking to stop smoking you could put the picture into their mind of the last time they smoked and how they looked, the brain would then remember this and would trigger the memory next time they wanted a cigarette, giving them the willpower to stop smoking just by thinking of a memory of them smoking previously.

Can you tell us more about the services you offer?

My main service is hypnotherapy, but this covers a large aspect of services within it. My 5 most popular services are:

  1. Anxiety, stress, and phobias
  2. Quit smoking
  3. Weight loss
  4. Public speaking
  5. Depression

On top of this, I also provide counselling where I practise psychology to determine the reason for the issue or problem, and come up with a conclusion on why and how a certain thing has happened and how to resolve it.

Is there anything you would like to promote, for example a special offer or service?

With my services all falling into one, the reasons for speaking to a hypnotherapist can be down to several reasons. The two biggest services I would say are my most popular for hypnotherapy, are anxiety and stop smoking. If you have any questions regarding my hypnotherapy service or would like to speak to a hypnotherapist about a problem of your own, please get in touch with me today.

To Find out more about Stephen Kelsey and his hypnotherapy services, check out his website today.

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