Business of the Month - Promain

Monday, 10th March 2014


What is the team like at Promain? You’re in the business of paint so we guess its a colourful team?

Our team consists of a couple of classic cars fans, a boat owner, a caravan owner, a gardening expert, a couple of house renovating experts, a camping fan. A member of staff of Italian descent (our Italian Stallion!), also a lady from Finland. A member of staff who has spent 4 years in Qatar and 3 years in South Africa. Also our warehouse manager is an excellent basketball player.

How long has your business been established?

Established over 30 years ago, current owners have owned it for the past 9 years.

Tell us more about what you do on a daily basis?

Match the best paints and coatings in the world to the various problems/ issues we get called about daily.

Is there anything exciting happening at Promain?

A new technical sales advisor starting at the end of March and a new website coming shortly at

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