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Thursday, 2nd June 2016

Tell us about the team at Prima Flora?

Prima Flora is a family business and my daughter Sarah, who is currently at university, lends a hand during very busy periods. We have a brilliant delivery driver, who knows his way around the local area blindfolded, knows exactly what he is doing and is brilliant with the customers. My husband and my daughter also help out with my website and social media accounts.

Can you tell us more about the history of Prima Flora?

My parents started the business about 40 years ago in Omerod Street Accrington, which is when I started working as a florist. A few years later they moved to Blackburn Road, much nearer to the town centre. My parents remained in that shop until they retired in 1987, when I bought the business from them and registered the shop in my own name.

After a short time I re-located to a bigger shop on Blackburn road near to the town centre and then a few years later I re located again to our current premises, which are more spacious and a bit near to the town centre. We are actually very close to the new £6.4 Million Accrington bus station which is due to be completed and operational very soon.

What tasks do you deal with on a daily basis?

A typical day starts with checking, preparing and conditioning the flower deliveries which are delivered very early in the morning. I then plan the work and delivery schedules for the day. The orders are then produced in priority order, whilst of course dealing with customer enquiries and orders, as customers arrive in the shop and over the telephone and via e-mail. The days are very busy, but I love my work and wouldn’t change jobs for the world. No two days are ever the same.

Tell us more about some of your products?

Each order tends to be unique and we cater for people’s individual requirements rather than selling them a standard item. Our customers generally want me to create something especially for them rather than just ordering a stock item so I have to be very creative and produce designer floral arrangements to suit their individual requirements. The items ordered vary. We receive a lot of wedding flower and funeral flower orders and we get a good number of customers who want luxury bouquets and flower arrangement.

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Prima Flora

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