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Friday, 1st September 2017

September Business of the Month

How did your business start-up?

I established Marett Creative in 2010 having already worked in the advertising industry for 10 years. In that time, I’d been part of some well-known projects for big brands and built up a great network of professional artists, cameramen and animators all creating top quality work. We took our experience out of London and settled in the Southwest, providing our services to the UK without the London price tag.

What's a normal day like at Marett Creative Ltd?

Busy! As a smaller agency, we only work on a few projects at a time so we can devote our attention to them. That said, there are never enough hours in the day, our obsessive attention to detail probably doesn’t help but commitment to our work is essential and core to our business. We do well when our clients do well after all.

What’s your favourite thing about work?

This is going to be a cheesy answer and probably a cliché, which I ought to avoid being a published author in my spare time, but the best thing about this work is when a client rings up to say thanks. To hear that they love the work we’ve done is immensely satisfying.

Can you tell us more about the services you offer?

CG Animation: from a photo-realistic style, architectural visualisation to cartoon graphics.

Corporate Videos, Explainer Videos and Motion Graphics: we’ve worked big industry brands such as BP, Castrol, SanDisk and Reckitt Benckiser producing well scripted, well shot and expertly designed videos, and we’ve applied the same care and attention to smaller but just as important brands such as Worthy Worldwide, Luke Jeans and Mattressman.

Product Videos: from CG animations for the shopping channels to filmed testimonials.

360 Videos & VR: we launched our first 360 video on YouTube last year to circa 200k views almost overnight and are currently producing a VR app for Oculus, Vive and PlayStation VR which we’re very excited about but aren’t ready to announce any more details yet.

TV Advertising Production: the core of our business, with directing talent from ITV, cameramen from Lord of the Rings and CG experts whose credits include, Coca-Cola, Honda and Nintendo. We’ve brought this pool together to produce original, great, regional and national commercials at a most modest budget.

Is there any offers or special deals you have on at the minute?

For September 2017 we’re offering online animated explainer videos, up to 2 minutes, long half price for £2500. Animated explainer videos are proving exceptional popular with brands trying to sell a product or companies who need to explain exactly what it is they do. We’ll script with the company's input, use their supplied images if required and create a well thought out explainer video for their website, social media pages and of course YouTube (the 2nd largest search engine).

Is there anything else you’d like to add about your business?

We’re currently in a state of expansion and looking to take on more clients, to become a part of their team through good communication and quality of work. If any readers of Bizify are interested in our services please get in touch with us.

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