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Monday, 3rd August 2015
Tell us about the staff, teams, departments and their roles?

Fusion Office Design is split into various different departments.

Starting off, we have Office Design Consultants who will work closely with you right from the word go. Their job is to discover what you want, and where you see the project going. We also have a small team of skilled planners, who will oversee the design stages of the project. Only when you and the designers are completely satisfied, will we get to work. Fusion Office Design are constantly busy, and even though we have different jobs and different roles, we are a tight unit with the same goals and ambitions as one another. 

Can you tell us more about how and when Fusion Office Design was established and how this came about?

Fusion Office Design came about following the dreams and ambitions of myself, Mike Rivers - Company Director. Taking advantage of my background in design and project management, I came up with the concept for 'Fusion Office Design'.

Fusion Office Design have been transforming office design and office fit out for a significant amount of time now. In the last decade or so, we have helped a number of large corporate chains in London, who have each come to us because of the solid reputation we have built. We have an excellent portfolio which can be viewed online, where all our skills as office designers have been put to good use.     

What are the tasks Fusion Office Design deal with on a daily basis?
 No day is ever the same at Fusion Office Design. Generally speaking, we can be seen consulting, planning, designing, and building new ways for the inner workings of UK businesses. From our base in Sutton, Surrey, we are able to travel the length and breadth of the country to provide professional office design services. We can work with you to find out what you want, and make sure to get thing's right, right from the word GO!
Do you have anything NEW you want to talk about?

Everything we do is unique, so in essence, everything we do is 'NEW'. Fusion Office Design are constantly adding to our furniture range, so we also have physical products that are new and up-to-date.
We encourage anyone who is thinking about changing the way their office functions or looks to get in touch with us, or visit us online to find out more about who we are and what we do.

Fusion Office Design

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