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Friday, 27th February 2015
Tell us about the staff, teams, departments and their roles?
We are currently a small family team which enables us to engage with our customers on a personal level. It is our business so our print reflects directly on us, not on employed staff but on us, the business owners. Therefore, we regularly go the extra mile to ensure the customer is happy and getting exactly what they want and expected from us.
Can you tell us more about how and when Creative Art was established and how this came about?
We were established in 1999 in a small shop in the main road. At the time we were predominantly producing posters, banners and canvasses at this stage. However, over the years we have invested in further equipment and now offer digital print, litho print as well as large format. Basically anything from a sticker to Bill board, leaflets, brochures, banners, business stationery, exhibition graphics and so much more.
What are the tasks Creative Art deal with on a daily basis?
Our day to day bread and butter printing would be flyers, business cards and business stationery, but we often ask to produce envelopes, greeting cards, rigid signage for outdoor use, and a wide range of other marketing materials - the scope is endless!
Do you have anything specific you want us to promote?
Envelope and sticker printing is something that has been extremely popular recently. More and more local businesses in Hornchurch are coming to Creative Art for their sticking and envelope needs. This is probably because of the high level of customer care and quality materials we have been delivering, and will continue to deliver for many years to come.

Creative Art, Printers in Hornchurch Essex

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