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Monday, 1st June 2015
Tell us about the staff, teams, departments and their roles?

We are a family run International Limited company that covers the whole of the EMEA Region. Our strong ‘family values’ allow our clients the very best advice, pricing and after sales service. My name is David Wood and I am CEO, with responsibility for International Sales and Company Secretarial responsibilities. Helena Crowhurst (My Daughter) is Joint MD, with UK Sales & marketing as her day to day jobs. Graham Crowhurst (Helena’s Husband) is the other Joint MD, with Accounts, Logistics and Sales Operational duties.

We are backed up by our PERIGEE PARTNERS that look after machine operations & maintenance in all the countries and regions we cover.

Can you tell us more about how and when Carry On Vending was established and how this came about, and anything else about the company you wish to share?

‘Two Decades Down, Many More To Go”

1994 was a busy year. South Africa saw the end of Apartheid, Sir Matt Busby died, Ayrton Senna had that fatal crash, (sorry dad had to mention those two), Love Is All Around was number one for 15 weeks and the great British Pop-Tart-eating, X-Files-Watching public got Sunday Trading, The National Lottery and the Channel Tunnel! It was also the year a Mancunian living just outside the Home Counties decided to set up a vending company.

“Thanks to the support and dedication from Ian Kirkman (Joint Managing Director until his retirement in 2010), Nigel Anker (Investor and Business Advisor) and Elaine Wood (Director and ‘Sounding Board’), twenty years, two recessions and one or two cups of coffee later Apogee International Ltd is still going strong.

“This is a significant milestone for any company” said ‘David Wood, CEO (known to many in the industry simply as ‘Woody’) we are proud to have been a consistent, trusted part of the industry now for two decades. “Over that time we have seen the market move from floor standing instant vending machines to tabletop bean to cup coffee dispensers as we have evolved from mere instant-coffee-drinking-thirsty-people to expert coffee connoisseurs who claim to know the difference between one bean and another. Everyone is now a Barista it seems. Snack machines haven’t really changed that much apart from going bigger, then smaller and then bigger again with a few tweaks to the looks along the way.”

Apogee offers a wide range of vending equipment, services and solutions and over the years has not just sold machines but has helped countless clients with different projects, product testing, product launches and market advice. The company also has a lot of experience creating vending solutions for non-food items, including PPE, stationery, jewellery, gifts, sports equipment - in fact, all things are possible today in the vending industry. The company serves a wide range of clients, from hotel groups, contract caterers, large corporations and government departments to leisure and spa facilities, schools and colleges, offices and many more.

What are the tasks Carry On Vending deal with on a daily basis?
New (Drinks + Snack + Food) machine enquiries. Then, bespoke vending projects, for Major Retail + Hotel Groups. Organising deliveries, installations, service contract documentation etc. Placing orders, and following up to set up installations & training. Marketing and Accountancy. 
Do you have anything NEW you want to talk about?

Our Carryonvending Web Site makes choosing, comparing and ordering easy. As we all know that Internet is ‘King’, we have to ensure we have innovative Special Offers, these can always be seen clearly both on our home page and banners. Failing that, we can always be open to ‘deal’ as long as it's viable. Prospects only need to ask.  

Carry On Vending Machines

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