Bizify Showcases Two Luton Businesses

Wednesday, 7th April 2021

Introducing Two SME Businesses

Highlighting and showcasing companies is more important now than ever before, especially after the last year of trading, most businesses have either struggled with making ends meat or they have struggled because they have been extremely busy. With this in mind we have decided to highlight two of our Luton based businesses, Cane Industries and Cushion Guys! These companies are both SMEs that we support through our own directory site, you can find out more about them both on their pages. 


What Services Do These Businesses Offer?

Cane Industries hosts a team of experts in cane furniture, based in Luton they supply a vast range of bespoke cane furniture, which can be sold across the UK. Having founded the company in 1890 they have unparalleled experience, knowledge and understanding of cane furniture and the different make, models and styles on offer. They specialise in cane furniture which can help transform your space, whether it be your home or office, they have the knowledge and understanding that cane furniture can really bring a space to life. They can help you with finding exquisite cane furniture in a range of sets such as; living sets, dining sets, recliners & swivel rockers, so if you have been searching for a company that can offer you help and guidance on what would suit your home, be sure to reach out to cane industries. 

Cushion Guys bring to clients in Luton and across the UK bespoke cushions to suit your design and aesthetic needs. Offering all of their clients a range of services such as; sizing, filling and formatting, this ensures you leave with the perfect sized cushion for where you need them. Providing made to measure cushions has gained Cushion Guys an exceptional reputation, they offer the highest quality made to measure and custom made cushions, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. If you are looking for foam cushions, fibre cushions or feather cushions you should not be looking anywhere else. 


What Are The Companies' Target Audience?

Both companies Cane Industries and Cushion Guys have a clear idea of their target audiences, both offering services in home furnishings, design and aesthetic. 

Cane Industries offers eclectic cane furniture, it is not to everybody's taste, but if it is something you have been searching for, you won’t find anyone better to help find the piece of cane furniture you want for your home or office space. They understand that not everyone looks for the same design, style or size, due to this they offer a wide range of products that you can look through, online or through a brochure download off their website. Alongside aiming at clients who wish to add a statement piece to their home, they also cater to clients who are looking for sustainable options; cane takes 2-3 years to grow versus the alternative of hardwoods which takes around 20-30 years to reach maturity. So if you are someone who has been searching for a sustainable furniture company, Cane Industries is the company for you. 


The Cushion Guys specialise in making bespoke cushions for your home or business, allowing customers to utilise their own creative flair, or consult with the experts. Each cushion that is designed, made and sold is bespoke to every individual client, fitting to the specific requirements you have every time. The target audience for cushion guys is any client who wishes to have cushions created specifically to suit their own design, creativity or aesthetic, whether it is for your home or business. Custom cushions is what The Cushion Guys specialise in, offering work on indoor or outdoor cushions. You can get in touch with The Cushion Guys to discuss the idea you might already have or to get some advice. Not only that but The Cushion Guys understands that their clientele might not always have the knowledge on how to measure the cushion they need the cushion cover for, but their handy How To Measure section is a must for those of you who need some guidance.  


Why Did We Choose These Businesses?

Here at Bizify we like to highlight and showcase businesses we work with to highlight to our customers the best companies we work with. Cane Industries and The Cushion Guys are both exceptional furnishing companies and we believe anyone who hasn’t taken a look over on their websites is truly missing out on some amazing products. Cane Industries has all the knowledge and expertise to help you find that beautiful cane piece, whether it is a bespoke armchair, tables and more. Supplying clients with a more refined, eclectic taste a whole host of stunning cane furniture pieces. On top of that The Cushion Guys are on hand whenever clients need them to create beautifully finished bespoke cushion covers. With the summer in sight, we believe they should be the only place you go for any garden cushion you would like designing and creating, bringing a new fresh look to your garden furniture. Make getting together with your friends a comfortable experience with their wide range of bespoke cushion options. 


Supporting Local Businesses Is What We Love!

Who doesn’t love supporting local businesses? If this year has taught us anything it is that more often than not local is best, the great thing with Cane Industries and The Cushion Guys is not only are they local to Luton, but they offer their products all around the UK to clients from a little further afield. But we have all gained a new appreciation for local small to medium businesses, especially with the way shopping has changed in the last year. Why would you want to shop anywhere else for your cane furniture or bespoke cushions? We love giving local businesses the chance to shine, especially when the products they sell are so unique and creative. Be sure to reach out to both Cane Industries and The Cushion Guys if you have been searching for two bespoke furniture companies, offering two totally different products that in turn work together. 

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