Bizify Re-launch

Tuesday, 8th April 2014

Bizify Re-launch

With 2014 getting off to a real flyer, Bizify have been looking for ways to improve their website and overall performance.

After a great deal of thought and having taken many ideas on board, Bizify have given our website a complete refurbishment, which will hopefully offer you a better service and improved usability, for our many, many users.

The main purpose of the re-launch was to improve the overall performance of the website. Asides from this, we have included some new features that we think you should be aware of:

- Responsive

- New Review Section

- Improved Social Interaction

- Increased SEO friendliness

- Bizi-ness of the Month

These are just a few of the key points that have made the new website much better than it previously was.


Bizify’s old website wasn’t fully compatible with handheld devices such as iPhone’s, tablets & androids/smart phones, so when you opened it on one of these devices you wouldn’t be able to use the features properly without scrolling about the page, which could often prove to be a complete nightmare.

Being responsive is a massive part of todays technology in terms of having a fully functioning website, and Bizify’s new design now incorporates this. In turn, this will allow for a better use experience and appearance when Bizify is used on a handheld device.

Adjusting perfectly to whichever portable device you choose to use, the new Bizify website not only looks great but is extremely easy to work around.


                     BEFORE                                                              AFTER

New Review Section

Bizify have been working hard to improve all aspects of our online business directory and we figured out that our review section wasn’t as easy to use as we first imagined. After doing our research, we decided on a new layout and different functions that allows users to access and post reviews far easier than before.

This new layout actively promotes reviews from real customers, giving your listing the best possible opportunity to receive positive feedback from customers who have found you and used your services.

latest reviews.jpg

With a new star rated system, it makes it easier to see how positive feedback is and can help you make your decision about whether or not a company is right for you. Reviews have been around a long time and have always proved a popular way for customers to decipher between one company or another that offer similar services.

Social Interaction

With Social Media playing a massive part in modern day marketing techniques, we thought it was essential to make sure we were offering the best service possible when it comes to online networking.

By incorporating social media into your listings, your business can be found on Facebook with a simple click, and offers your customers an alternative way to find you than the conventional website. Driving traffic towards your social media pages is a vital part of increasing traffic and conversion rates on your website as people will be able to take a quick look at what news you have been sharing and what work you have been doing, for example.


Increased SEO friendliness

Bizify have been looking into how we can improve our website and our customers listings in terms of google and SEO friendliness. In order to do this we stripped back the way our site was formatted and input into HTML. When Google scans through the pages of code it should, in theory, pick up the relevant information much easier and much faster than it did before with a lot of unnecessary HTML being cut out altogether. Of course this is just guess work, due to google’s constantly changing algorithms.

picture gallery.jpg

As well as changing the way our website has been scripted, we have also changed a number of formatting and design elements to make the website more ‘SEO friendly’. One of the key design changes is the way the images are found and appear on your listing. On the old site you would have seen one image, and the option to click and scroll along to view more images. Now what you will see, is a grid of your companies images below your text, on the page of your listing. This will allow all of your images to be found on google rather than just the front image.

One of the thing’s Bizify do differently to a number of other online directories is process our meta in a different way which means only your listing page will be found on google, rather than a whole list of businesses, including your own.

Bizi-ness Of The Month

On the previous Bizify Website, we had ‘Business of the Week’ which was often hard for us to keep up with and maintain. This meant on the odd occasion we would miss out and it would look like the same business had won it two weeks running. The new structure for this award, means we will be able to update when we would like to and offers businesses the opportunity to maintain their prestige for a full month.

In theory there is no actual prize but we like to think by recognizing the best business of the month we are increasing the opportunity for them to be seen by every single person who uses Bizify as an online directory.

biziness of the month.jpg

To Summarise  

As a company we appreciate any positive feedback you have and would like to hear your opinion when it comes to how you find the usability and design of the new website.

We hope you like our latest design and find it easier to use than the last website.

Thanks for reading and enjoy searching the web…


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