Bizify Launches New Website

Monday, 8th February 2016

As some of you might have already noticed, the Bizify website has had a brilliant, new re-skin, allowing for a much more user friendly and easy on the eye experience. Now that the renovation is complete we hope that you enjoy the new look as much as we do!

So, what’s changed?

Not only does the new design look more stylish, it also comes with a few new features. We have updated the way Bizify looks and how it works too.


New Bizify Listing


Effortless Engagement

The new Bizify platform is far more engaging to the reader, which means your potential customers are far more likely to be ‘wow’ed by the services you offer. Call to actions are far more prominent than previously, urging them to click the 'call' button or the 'visit website' button. Your Bizify listing has been designed with optimal page layout in mind to help conversion, with a clean design and clearer layout that the previous version. Customers can easily get in touch with you to interact!

Simple Searching

Simple navigation and the addition of a more ‘stand out’ search bar helps narrow your query to a particular town. Browse through Bizify with ease using our highly efficient business search bar.


The new Bizify search!


Stylish Design

The updated design comes with various benefits for both the reader and owners of each business listing. Bizify have worked extremely hard to make our website easier to use so that anyone, of any age and electronic capabilities, can find their way through our website with immense ease. Our team of creatives have conjured a new modern design, which you can see, in contrast to the previous version, is a vast improvement and something the Bizify team are incredibly proud of.


How the old Bizify looked


To Summarise

Below we have listed the 3 biggest improvements of the new Bizify website:

  • Interaction - Improved engagement allows for a far more user friendly experience.
  • Modern Design - The contemporary and clean design keeps Bizify fresh and your listings looking as good as they deserve.
  • Smart and Professional - The new design benefits both listing owners and readers, providing a positive reflection of any business. Those who stumble upon your listing will be dying to contact you.

We hope that you like the re-design as much as we do and would love to hear any feedback. With that being said, we hope that you choose Bizify as your first choice free online business directory when searching for businesses online.

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