Bizify Christmas Specials

Friday, 14th November 2014

Heading into the festive period is always an exciting time of year but for businesses it can be quite daunting. If you are, what we call a seasonal business and thrive during the summer months, you may be thinking about what you will be doing with your time as the dark nights set in. Some business owners will be all doom and gloom, however with a little sprinkle of inspiration we have the perfect solution to your dark nights and cosy nights in.

December leads for the perfect opportunity to devote some time to your marketing campaign and to get your business perfectly positioned for the new year and new start when the weather turns on your side. It has been a relatively mild winter so far and has allowed businesses normally winding down to get a few extra weeks work. Once this time ends we have a perfect set of tips for any budding business owner looking to create new leads in 2015.

Why not take a look at our sister companies website who give you some fantastic pointers on PPC, SEO and social media management in their weekly news posts. Otherwise, follow our top 5 marketing tips for the end of 2014:

1) Local Citations are perfect for putting your name, address and phone number in front of the right people, not to mention they give Google, Yahoo & Bing the perfect pin point to your company. Plus you can do this completely FREE of charge.

2) Run as many SEO reports on your site to give you technical guidance, we recommend our FREE report here or of course there are lots of tools out there to give you the direction you need. *Be careful not to go crazy as reports are only a guide. Instead spend the time compiling some common factors they point out as errors.

3) Read, Read, Read - Blogs, press releases, newsletters all help to get you on track with the common errors these reports are showing. Invest your time in research and educate yourself ready for a prosperous 2015.

4) Go Social - Actively promote yourself on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ always linking back to your website and latest blogs or news posts. Engage with your potential customers and give them something interesting to read

5) Finally Get Quick & Responsive - If your budget allows and you have the time to devote to your marketing during the winter period why not spend it working on a brand new website. One that ticks all the boxes of the modern world of search, user engagement and of course mobile adaptation.

If you're like us then you will be spending your winter break deep in thought about how you can grow, improve and streamline your operation during 2015. But do not fear as your FREE business listing on Bizify ticks 2 of those above points - Citations & Social Interaction. Get involved today with the Bizify team on 01642 931 380

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