Benefits of Listing your Business on an Online Directory

Saturday, 15th October 2016

Should I list my business?

Submitting A Listing

Submitting your business to an online business directory doesn’t just help generate work but it also has a great range of other advantages. Directory listings are usually free for a standard listings or you can pay for a premium listing which opens up a range of extra added benefits and can also help with getting you found on search engines. Prices and added benefits vary depending on the directory you use.

Benefits of having a Listing

Advertising Your Business

Having a listing on an online directory creates advertising for your business. Whether it’s free or paid for, can help to generate extra business and also get your name out there, helping you to create a brand image in the area you operate. With top online local business directories you have the ability to advertise by the areas you cover and the services you offer.

Brand Image

As a business you need to maintain and improve your brand image continuously. By placing listings on online business directories you can start to develop your brand image and get your name known in the area your business operates in. It is important to provide as much information as possible on listings, from address, services, logo, photos, whatever the directory will let you submit. To really get your name known and to promote your business effectively always consider taking out a premium listing. Having a strong online brand image and reliable service can help generate new business.

Enhancing Your Business

Getting yourself listed on online business directories where your competition might not yet be advertising on can give you the upper hand in getting more calls or website visits. With over 80% of the population searching online for services and products, having a strong online presence on a directory can help get you noticed and they can also provide good support for your website to.


Online directory listing can help to connect you with your target audiences, the more active or relevant your listing is the more people will know about your business; this is also a great advantage when you take out a premium listing as it’s places your listing above the competition. Listing your business on various directory websites can also be an effective part of search engine optimisation strategies. With customer reviews and detailed information it can help to generate visits to your website, phone calls to your business and most importantly strengthens your online existence.

Inexpensive Publicity

With many free directory services, and free to premium directory services, it is important to advertise on them all. While free listings can help to get your business noticed and build brand awareness, premium listings which are usually relatively inexpensive and are usually taken out on a years basis, offer great value for money. By paying this small sum of money you can potentially see a rapid increase in website visitors or calls to your business; paying for a premium listing you will be put ahead of the competition for the areas you cover and services you offer.

Submit A Free Listing

Signing up for a free business directory such as Bizify, one of the UK’s largest and fastest growing online directories, can help get your business found on Google and can also help to generate new leads and sales to your business.

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