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Monday, 7th January 2013

FREE Registration for all Businesses in the UK

We would like to welcome you all to the world of Bizify, the fastest growing FREE business directory in the UK. Bizify began towards the end of 2012 with some clear goals in mind to help businesses of all sizes reach unlimited markets and customers through directory and social media marketing.

Brought to you by the team behind Espresso Web Design, seo & website design experts, this directory is built to work. Bizify allows all of it's customers to have a number of additional features on their listing regardless of if you pay for a primary listing of would like to stick with your complimentary information card. As we have a great understanding of website design and seo we know what makes websites work and how to get search engine rankings for not only our search terms but your physical information cards. 

Either way you can update your listing 24 hours a day with a specially created administrator panel giving you complete control over your details, website address, company logo and social media integration. We believe we have the future in our hands with our social business directory. 

Registering or editing your information couldn't be easier with our user friendly system meaning regardless of how computer savy you are you can still take full advantage of your marketing. Running a buisness is time consuming enough however with the core principal of our social business directory you can edit your information on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or G+ and it displays on not only your information card but through to the category and homepage of Bizify. We try to leave you running your buiness yet gaining as much coverage from one single update point.

Get started today and register your business for FREE to see the benefits of this unique social business directory.

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