Horgans Wedding Cars Car Hire - Chauffeur Driven In Cheadle, Cheshire

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Horgans Wedding Cars

Tel: 0161 491 5087

Serving the North West region


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About Horgans Wedding Cars

Horgans Wedding Cars are a Car Hire company offering their services to the people of Cheadle and around Cheshire. Some of the services that we offer are Wedding Cars Hire, Wedding Limousines Hire, Chauffeur Driven Wedding Cars, Beauford Wedding Cars,

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Horgans Wedding Cars Reviews

Five stars

Fantastic company, great service with A* level of professional drivers. Helping in every aspect of my wedding day and boyond, couldn't have asked for better. Plus the cars are exceptionally beautiful. Thank you Horgans.

Five stars

Professional service and staff were amazing. My wedding was made extra special thankyou.
I would recommend this company, they were even very helpful and professional with my special needs son.
Truly amazing company thankyou for all your hard work and making my day extra special

Five stars

In regards to the below reviews from Zoe Greenhough and Mr M Roberts, please see below our response from horgans wedding cars.

Thank you for leaving a review. We take all feedback very seriously; however in your case,
I’m afraid that we can find no record of any direct contracted customers matching your name or details.

This unknown to us person ZOE GREENHOUGH who purports to be a friend of a bride who’s wedding we attended On Saturday 8th June 2019 has taken it upon herself to embark on an act which is beyond the parameters of CYBER BULLING and as such is to be reported to GOOGLE and all other internet portals to be investigated as an attempted defamation of the good character of a highly accoladed Company of some Twenty Four year standing. and in doing so I believe she has done her “friend” a total disservice, by pursuing this moment of premeditated “PSYCHOLOGICAL HARASSMENT” whilst we at “HORGANS” find fake reviews like this are distasteful and a Disgraceful and Blatant misuse of the spirit of what social media is all about.

We have an e-mail on file dated 5th July 2019 from the bride from the wedding on Saturday 8th June 2019 reaching an agreement with her to bring this “Charade” (Her Words) to a close with no further contact. As At this point as we were both in agreement this should have been an end to this matter.

Throughout the limited knowledge shown in ZOE GREENHOUGH’s review she seems to have conveniently forgot to mention that the company (Horgans) had within 15 minutes of receiving a call from the chauffeur brought a replacement vehicle to the church. ( As per within the terms and conditions of our signed contract with the bride)

Another point left out of her review was on Monday 10th July following the wedding on the Saturday 8th July the Managing Director of Horgans Ltd had called to the Bride parents’ house to personally and sincerely apologise with a large bouquet of flowers for the brides mother.

The MD having given an immediate response to this matter, had called in peace in an attempt to at least open a dialogue and have a civil conversation, but as this gesture of goodwill was not being well received in the spirit that it was being offered, whilst at the same time him being Ritually Rebuffed, he decided at his point that he should leave.

I can only conclude by saying that ZOE GREENHOUGH’s review is maliciously being aimed at causing maximum damage and disruption to the Horgans Cars business, and whilst her review is biased it is Totally at Odds with the many dozens of positive reviews all over the internet to date and during HORGANS twenty four years of professionally serving customers in the Cheshire and the surrounding areas who consistently return to us, some spanning three generations. And also special thanks to over six hundred plus brides who in the last two months have voted for HORGANS to be crowned as:
“The Best Wedding Service Company in the CHESHIRE and NORTH WEST AREAS” within the transport section an enviable prize within the wedding industry, Which we have recently won again for an incredible ninth year running.