Business Of The Month:
Bellwood Rewinds

Our Q&A Session

Bellwood Rewinds is our brand new Business Of The Month. We sat down with the owner (Charles) and asked him a few questions.

How Did Your Business Start Up?

Our MD was time served as an armature winder. He was working for a family business which was bought out by a major PLC whom he continued to work for. He noticed that the good service that had been given over the previous years started to slip and hence lose custom. He decided to jump ship and start a business on his own, that was in 1998. In early 1999, Bellwood Rewinds Limited started trading and has found great success.

What Is A Normal Day Like At Bellwood Rewinds?

Every day is very different! We are on 24/7 call out so it can start very early and finish very late! Generally, our MD gets in at 7am, we officially open at 7.30am and the workshop staff start work at 8am. Most days we get a flurry of calls around 8am from customers who have had an electric motor failure overnight but didn’t consider it urgent enough to call us out. We generally have a van out on the road just after 8am collecting any urgent repairs that have been called in; we tend to deal with around 3-4 urgent electric motor repairs per day, then of course there is the non-urgent ones which are dealt with as soon as possible. The electric motor repair shop has 5 engineers who deal with a variety of electrical and mechanical repairs, which can include complete rewinds, general overhauls, dynamic balancing and many other forms of repair. We also carry a very large stock of new electric motors which can be called on 24/7 if required.

The generator sales and service department work the same way… we are dealing with internet enquiries through our website and Google, along with many phone calls. We sell a large number of new and used diesel generators each year, and also have many service contracts in place looking after our own hire fleet and customers machines alike. We can carry out servicing, load testing and many other repairs either on site or in our workshops to suit the customers’ needs.

We also have our Hiab lorry which is used for the transport of our generators, but we also do hire and reward. This can mean we can be anywhere at any time carrying pretty much any load. As with all of our services, this is also carried out 24/7.

To summarise, we don’t really have a normal day as each day is different, but you can guarantee that every day we are pushing the boundaries on customer service to ensure that we give the best experience possible to our clients.

What’s Your Favourite Thing About Work?

The thing I love about it is that every day is different bringing many different challenges, all of which enable us to improve and give our customers a better service.

Can You Tell Us More About The Services That You Offer?

There isn’t really much more to say, other than we are constantly striving to achieve perfection with our services to make sure that our customers are happy with absolutely everything that they have contacted our team for.

Do You Have Any Special Offers Or Deals On At The Moment?

We always have some special offers on, keep an eye on the website or call the sales team if there a specific item you are looking for.

Is There Anything Else You’d Like To Add About Your Business?

Just to keep checking our website for updates on what we’ve been up to, the services that we offer and our prices. As we’ve mentioned, we’re always available for a call so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.